We’re Pop, the most fun way to talk with your friends.

The only chat app where you can…

Throw Stickers at Friends

Crazy Fun

A new kind of communication tool

Pop is the quick, fun way to talk with your best friends and create group chats. Buy and throw stickers at your friends.

Feel Together

It feels like real-life

Closer conversations with your closest friends.

We’re making chat that better encompasses natural human conversation and real-life interactions. We believe messaging should be more fun, while bringing you closer to your friends.

Gather your Best Friends

Quickly add your best friends to your own private group chats. No newsfeeds and no clutter.

Pop is the first social messaging app that’s monetizing without ads. What you do and say isn’t used to target you with ads.

We make money by selling stickers to use in your chats. When you buy stickers, you’re supporting independent artists.